Opportunities for leisure in the Metropolitan Region of Amsterdam.

Opportunities for leisure in the Metropolitan Region of Amsterdam.

On Thursday morning, October 24, the 11th Leisure Factory of Inspiration took place on the Clipper Stad Amsterdam, a beautiful three-mast ship located near the Maritime Museum in Amsterdam. In collaboration with the MRA, the Metropolitan Region Amsterdam, this breakfast session was dominated by leisure trends and the development of new leisure activities by renowned leisure operators. A morning conference aimed at informing the attendees, and to inspire them about the opportunities that our fast-growing sector offers. Also for the Amsterdam region. Welcome to the session: Opportunities for leisure in the Metropolitan Region of Amsterdam.

Welcome to the conference!

After the kick-off by both hosts, Rene van Schie from the MRA and Jean-Paul Haenen from KWAN Leisure, the attendees were welcomed by the ship’s captain. After this, Jan Driessen and Chris Jansen from Sail Amsterdam 2020 presented the plans for this unique and extensive event in and around the port of Amsterdam. Sail is more than worth visiting next year, especially due to the presence of many beautiful ships, but also due to the extensive program that Sail offers its visitors.

Inspiring trends

Goof Lukken, senior lecturer at the Breda University of applied sciences (BUAS), then gave an inspiring and informative mini-lecture about the most important leisure trends. Goof told the attendees that good, creative, high-quality leisure concepts are essential for the further development of the sector. Take time to make a good concept and ensure a steady basis. The growth of tourism in the Netherlands offers ample opportunities, with the government playing a proactive role. It cannot and must not remain on the side and is partly responsible for the further development of the leisure sector. It is also essential for entrepreneurs to feel supported by the government.

Great ambitions

Wouter Schotel, project leader at Snowworld, took us on a trip to the various locations that Snowworld is currently developing. In addition to the existing facilities, where the ski slopes are the main attraction, Snowworld will offer year-round attractions, specifically aimed at families with children. The current climate discussion offers plenty of opportunities for the company, indoor skiing is much less environmentally harmful than a skiing holiday in one of the Alpine countries. This development requires a lot from the company, so the objective is to become the market leader in Europe.

Snowworld has great ambitions, but Merlin Entertainment, already the largest leisure operator in the world, has even bigger plans! René Sleven presented their ambitions, tenfold of the turnover in the next 10 years! A huge challenge that the company faces, where new formulas are developed, existing formulas are expanded and acquisitions take place. In addition, Merlin focuses on markets worldwide, and their own creative team constantly provides new impulses to the company. This enormous expansion may also offer opportunities for the Netherlands, where the right location is essential.

This interesting session once again indicated that the sector is alive and there are plenty of opportunities. Also in the Amsterdam metropolitan region. Where the right concepts and operators must find each other to make the best developments. And where the government must play an active role. The chances are there, start them now!

Want to know more about our activities, promising concepts and the latest trends? Are you looking for contact with the right operators? Contact us for a further introduction!

Jean Paul Haenen
Thomas Jeurgens

KWAN Leisure

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